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  • From Hacking to Report Writing by Robert Svensson


    This book will teach you everything you need to know to become a professional security and penetration tester. It simplifies hands-on security and penetration testing by breaking down each step of the process so that finding vulnerabilities and misconfigurations becomes easy. The book explains how to methodically locate, exploit, and professionally report security weaknesses using techniques such as SQL-injection, denial-of-service attacks, and password hacking.

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  • Top Hacking Techniques & Terms Explained by Techie Sarfu


    Cybercrime has become a common phenomenon today. The more advanced we become in terms of technological development, the more severe and dangerous is the attack. Individual security is under threat. Therefore I have created this book to provide basic knowledge to everyone, to create awareness about cybercrime and how to save one self from cyber attack by keeping one’s personal information secured and protected.

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  • WordPress Revealed: How to Build a Website, Get Visitors and Make Money, 2nd Edition by Matt Wolfe


    In this incredibly in-depth guide to WordPress, Matt Wolfe (of fame) gives an amazing amount of detail on pretty much everything you need to know to get started with WordPress. From all of the basics of getting a site online to advanced strategies of traffic generation and monetization. Gone are the days of hiring expensive coders to fix your website or spending thousands of dollars developing membership sites or ecommerce sites. WordPress makes these things simple to do YOURSELF.

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