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  • Top Hacking Techniques & Terms Explained by Techie Sarfu


    Cybercrime has become a common phenomenon today. The more advanced we become in terms of technological development, the more severe and dangerous is the attack. Individual security is under threat. Therefore I have created this book to provide basic knowledge to everyone, to create awareness about cybercrime and how to save one self from cyber attack by keeping one’s personal information secured and protected.

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  • Hacking: A Beginners’ Guide to Computer Hacking, Basic Security and Penetration Testing by John Slavio


    This book will teach you everything you need to know about hacking, the history of hacking, the types of hacking and security measures that you should undertake. This book will teach you about the techniques you can use to prank your friends or spy on your significant other (maybe). It can also get you started on your journey towards being an ethical hacker, which is a fast-growing, in-demand field.

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  • Photo Life – February-March 2017


    Established in 1976, Photo Life is Canada’s leading source for photography. Including technical knowledge and tips, industry news and events, international travel photography and documentaries, as well as innovative approaches, techniques and secrets of the trade, Photo Life is published six times each year with distribution to subscribers, newsstands and participating photo retailers.

    Photo Life – February-March 2017
    English | 68 pages | True PDF | 17 MB
    Download: Openload – UPLOADED – RAPiDGATOR – UploadRocket

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  • The Walking Dead Magazine – Winter 2017

    Launched in 2012, The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine is a quarterly magazine and features an inside look at everything Walking Dead. The Walking Dead, The Official Magazine is filled with 100 pages of all access, no holds barred zombie festing and feasting. With all the latest news, revelations and tips for fans of the television show and the graphic novels. Get it, read it or be the last to know all the exclusive scoops for every incarnation of The Walking Dead.

    The Walking Dead Magazine – Winter 2017
    English | 100 pages | True PDF | 23,65 MB
    Download: NiTROFLARE – UPLOADED – RAPiDGATOR – UploadRocket

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